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Power transformer core

Power transformer core

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Usually the Hi-power arc welding inverter's single-ended pulse transformers require the transformer cores with low high frcqucncy loss, high Bs and low Br so that to achicvc bigger A B. Output filter and energy stored inductancc required the characteristics of high Bs, low loss and constant permeability, in this case, we made horizontal magnetic treatment on Nano-crystalline alloy to manufacture the transformer cores with low Br and constant permeability.



 Inverter Welding machine power supply

 X-ray, laser, communication power supply

 UPS and high frequency induction heating power supply

• Charging power supply

 Electrolytic and electroplate power supply

 Frcqucncy control of motor speed power supply



 Product performance:

 High Bs —Reducing volume and weight of the cores

 High permeability and low Coercive force 

 Low Br (Br < 0.2T) ---Higher magnetic flux density and output power

• Low core loss —Lower temperature rising, higher efficiency of the transformer

• Excellent temperature stability —Keep stable working at -50'C-130'C for long time