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Advantages of amorphous core transformer

2019-04-04 11:23:02

The biggest advantage of amorphous core distribution transformer is that its no-load loss value is very low. Whether the ultimate no-load loss value can be guaranteed is the core issue to be considered in the whole design process. When arranging the product structure of amorphous core transformer, we should not only consider that the amorphous core itself is not affected by external force, but also select the characteristic parameters of amorphous alloy accurately and reasonably in calculation. In addition to this design idea, the following three requirements should be followed:



(1) For amorphous core transformer, because of the low saturation magnetic density of amorphous alloy material, the rated magnetic flux density should not be too high in product design. Usually, 1.3-1.35T magnetic flux density is selected to obtain better no-load loss value.

(2) The monolithic thickness of amorphous alloys is only 0.03mm, so the lamination coefficient of amorphous alloys can only reach 82%~86%.

(3) In order to enable users to obtain the benefits of maintenance-free or less maintenance, the products of amorphous alloy distribution transformers are now designed to be fully sealed.


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