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Amorphous alloy transformer product features

2019-04-03 09:16:42

1. Ultra-low loss characteristics, energy saving, high power efficiency;

2. The use of lower energy and ultra-low loss characteristics in the manufacture of amorphous metal materials can greatly reduce power consumption and reduce power generation of power plants, reduce CO2 SO2 emissions, reduce environmental pollution and greenhouse effect, and maintain maintenance-free. , no pollution;

3. Low operating temperature, slow insulation aging, and long service life of the transformer;

4. High overload capacity, high mechanical strength;

5. When the amorphous iron core passes through the higher frequency magnetic flux, it still has the characteristics of low iron loss and low excitation current without causing core saturation. Therefore, the SCRBH15 amorphous alloy transformer made of amorphous iron core has better performance. Harmonic resistance;

6. Investment recovery is fast.

Third, technical parameters

Rated power: 50/60 (KVA)

Efficiency (η): 100~1000

Voltage ratio: 10000/400 (V)

Shape structure: vertical

Cooling method: air-cooled

Moisture proof method: potting type

Number of windings: three windings

Core structure: amorphous alloy

Cooling form: dry

Core shape: R type

Power phase number: three phase

Frequency characteristics: low frequency

Model: SCRBH15-200/10

Applications: Electricity

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