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Amorphous alloy transformer use effect

2019-04-03 09:11:46

Compared with the new S9 distribution transformer, the three-phase amorphous alloy core distribution transformer has considerable energy saving.

Taking 800kVA as an example, △P0 is 1.05kW; the load loss values ​​of the two types of distribution transformers are the same, then △Pk=0, we can calculate the annual energy loss that a product can reduce:


Through the calculation of the products of this kind of specifications, the energy-saving effect of the three-phase amorphous alloy iron core distribution transformer series products is extraordinary. Since the fuel tank is designed as a fully sealed structure, the oil in the transformer is not in contact with the outside air, preventing oxidation of the oil, prolonging the service life of the product, and saving maintenance costs for the user.

Development prospects of amorphous alloy transformers

If the amorphous alloy transformer can completely replace the new S9 series distribution transformer, if the annual demand of 10kV-class distribution transformer is calculated at 50 million kVA, then one year can save more than 10 billion kW·h. At the same time, it can also bring good environmental protection benefits of less power plants, and emit less greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, which will greatly reduce direct pollution to the environment, making it a new generation of veritable green products. In short, in the development and transformation of urban and rural power grid systems, if the three-phase amorphous iron distribution transformer products can be widely promoted, they will eventually gain both energy conservation and environmental protection benefits.

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