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Amorphous core is widely used by transformer manufacturers

2019-04-01 16:03:43

With the technological progress of raw material manufacturing industry, so far transformer manufacturing industry, especially small-scale transformers used in distribution network, manufacturers began to use amorphous core to make transformers. The so-called amorphous core refers to a kind of metal material that is suitable to use special super-fast cooling T-chi plus T, because the production process of materials is limited, usually strips.



When amorphous core considers it appropriate to use super-rapid condensation technology in its fabrication process, it is necessary to solidify the crystalline structure of metal atoms in the micro-structure of the material when they are solidified from liquid (molten steel) to solid. This disordered arrangement of atomic structures is called amorphous state, and the resulting materials are transformed into amorphous alloys. Amorphous alloys have been found to possess very good magnetic conductivity. The demagnetization and magnetization process of amorphous alloys is very easy to complete. Compared with silicon steel core, the loss of amorphous alloys core is greatly reduced, and the high efficiency and energy saving effect are achieved. Therefore, as a very good magnetic conductive material, it has been introduced into transformers and other products which need magnetic circuits. It is considered appropriate to use amorphous alloy guided transformer core and assemble the transformer, which is called amorphous alloy transformer or amorphous alloy core transformer.


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