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Amorphous core manufacturers discuss the relationship between amorphous materials and ultracapacitors

2019-04-04 17:19:43

      Amorphous core manufacturers discuss the relationship between amorphous materials and ultracapacitors.For a long time, the super capacitor electrode materials research focuses on the nanocrystalline material, but nanocrystalline materials difficult to expansion or contraction, and the properties of ion diffusion characteristics of the various members of the opposite sex limit cycle life and fast charging and discharging performance of the supercapacitor.At the same time, the synthesis of nanocrystalline materials is usually carried out at high temperature, which greatly increases the production cost, and the complex process makes it difficult to achieve mass production, which greatly limits the wide promotion of supercapacitors. Currently, only a small number of commercial supercapacitor products are used.

      Using nano-amorphous will have what effect.Amorphous materials, produced by amorphous core manufacturers, have been proposed as electrode materials for supercapacitors in recent years.Compared with the synthesis temperature of crystalline materials, amorphous materials are lower, so the synthesis cost of electrode materials is greatly reduced.Amorphous materials are amorphous without lattice binding, so they are more stable in structure and can be controlled in volume, which is conducive to the transmission of ions. Therefore, amorphous materials have broad prospects as energy storage materials.

      Amorphous core manufacturers produce amorphous materials with poor conductivity and small specific surface area, which to some extent limit the further improvement of ultracapacitor performance.Therefore, the research and development of new amorphous materials with low cost, mass production, high cycle life and rapid charge and discharge are the core scientific issues in the field of new energy storage and the industrial production of supercapacitors in the world.

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