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Amorphous core manufacturers in the production of amorphous materials, energy conservation and environmental protection.

2019-04-04 17:26:19

        Amorphous core manufacturers in the production of amorphous materials, energy conservation and environmental protection.The transformer with amorphous alloy as core is characterized by energy saving and environmental protection.First of all, amorphous alloy has a good performance in environmental protection. When amorphous alloy core is used in oil-immersed transformer, it can reduce CO, SO, NO and other harmful gases and reduce air pollution. Therefore, amorphous core manufacturers can call it the green product of 21-year power products.

       Second amorphous alloy transformer no-load damage is the most distinct unique place is very low, energy saving effect is apparent.Because of amorphous alloys have excellent guide magnetic force, more facilitate to scarce energy consumption magnetization and demagnetization.Because this amorphous alloy transformer's no-load loss is much lower than the traditional transformer.

       Amorphous core manufacturers provide more obvious energy saving benefits to amorphous alloy transformers in areas where power load is larger, such as roads, urban infrastructure equipment and residential areas.Because of energy saving effect is very good, can save the number of power plant investment, detracts from the cost of power generation burning materials, thus detract from pollution to the atmospheric background.

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