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Amorphous core manufacturers, promote industry innovation and development

2019-04-02 09:41:30

In order to master the core competence and promote the innovation and development of the company, the amorphous core manufacturers have carried out in-depth and systematic research on the composition, performance and powder preparation equipment and method of ferromagnetic materials used in magnetic powder cores, automation of powder core production and its performance test, device design and application.


Amorphous core manufacturers has always been to "customer oriented, with excellent quality and services to help customers to maintain and improve competitiveness" as the core values, and constantly improve the level of magnetic materials and devices design, process and product quality, improve response speed, reduce the production cost, enhance product reliability, amorphous core manufacturers to become the most trusted partner customers and make unremitting efforts.

 At present,  amorphous core manufacturers  have built magnetic materials research and development center, with a strong scientific research and product research and development strength.In the future, amorphous core manufacturers will further focus on basic research and increase investment in the research and development of magnetic material properties, so as to lay a solid foundation for forming and mastering the core competitiveness of their products.

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