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Amorphous core manufacturers talk about amorphous ribbons

2019-04-04 17:24:00

      Amorphous core manufacturers talk about amorphous ribbons.Amorphous strip, if you ask people if they know it, most people will listen to a muddled.Amorphous strip?It's high-tech stuff.In fact, it exists in our life, we use high voltage electrical appliances have it in it.What exactly is the amorphous strip I give you science.

      We all know that matter is made up of atoms, and that there are ordered and unordered atoms, so we call an amorphous material an ordered material, whereas an ordered material is a crystalline material.Both crystalline and amorphous matter are available to us in our daily life.

      Amorphous core manufacturers produce amorphous ribbons, which are materials with materials in the state between crystal and amorphous.It doesn't exist in nature. We invented it.Melt the steel and other crystalline materials, and the internal atoms move violently under high temperature. After the temperature is cooled, the atoms will slowly arrange in the original order and form crystals as the temperature drops.

      In the first case, if the crystal melts and cools down rapidly, its atoms will be solidified in place without enough time to rearrange, which results in amorphous strip material. Scientists have found that amorphous strip material has such excellent characteristics as high magnetic conductivity, high resistivity, high magnetic sensitivity and corrosion resistance, and has incomparable advantages over traditional materials.

      At this time because of its so many advantages, in the communication, electronic appliances, superconductor and other industries widely used.The great demand of the domestic market drives the rapid development of amorphous core manufacturers.

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