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Amorphous inductor core knowledge

2019-04-04 09:54:40

Amorphous inductor core knowledge

Nanocrystalline common mode core and inductance performance characteristics:

     1. A lower number of turns can achieve higher inductance;
     2. Low distribution capacitance;
     3. The resonance frequency is high;
     4. Small size;
     5. The temperature rise is low;
     6. Can be used for a long time at higher working temperatures.


The difference between crystalline metal and amorphous metal:

Crystalline metal: slow cooling at normal temperature, neatly arranged atoms. Short, long-range order;
Amorphous metal: rapid cooling (about 1/106 second speed), irregular atomic arrangement. Short, long-range unordered
Application areas:

IF power transformer core
Annular non-cut core for switching power supply smoothing output inductor and differential mode input inductor
Noise suppression for car audio, annular uncut core for chokes of car navigation systems
Ring-cut core for PFC power factor correction in air conditioners and plasma TVs
High-frequency rectangular cutting core for output inductors and transformers such as switching power supplies and uninterruptible power supplies
Annular, non-cut core for IGBTs, MOSFETs and GTOs pulse transformers
Variable speed motor for high power density, stator and rotor of generator.