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Application advantages of amorphous core in transformer

2019-04-02 14:20:58


(1)amorphous core is very thin with a thickness of only 20-30ftm and a low supplementary coefficient of about 0.82.

(2)amorphous core has low permissible magnetic density. The single-phase transformer is 1.3-1.4t, while the three-phase transformer is 1.25-1.35t. Therefore, the product is preset to be subject to high material limit.

(3) the hardness of amorphous core is 5 times of that of zheng steel sheet, making it difficult to process and shear. Ordinary transformer manufacturers can only use formed iron cores to make amorphous alloy transformers.

(4) amorphous alloy core material is very sensitive to mechanical stress, and its magnetic energy will be affected by both tensile gravitation and buckling stress.Because of this, the transformer body structure should be considered to minimize the core stress.

(5) the magnetic domain expansion degree of amorphous alloy is about 10% higher than that of silicon steel sheet, and it is not suitable for excessive clamping, because the noise emitted by this amorphous alloy transformer is higher than that of silicon steel sheet iron core transformer

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