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Application of amorphous iron core in transformer

2019-04-02 17:40:00

Amorphous strip is a kind of new high-tech green material, which has zero pollution and zero emission in the manufacturing process. It is made by melting steel and other alloys at high temperatures and then cooling them to room temperature at a rate of millions of degrees per second, so that the atoms in them have no time to rearrange and form a crystalline strip. Compared with common crystals and amorphous materials, the physical morphology, chemical and mechanical properties of amorphous strip materials have changed greatly and are widely used in many industries. Taking the amorphous iron core used in the transformer as an example, we use silicon steel as the iron core in the traditional transformer, which has problems such as large volume, excessive power consumption in operation and short service life of the product. Amorphous iron core is made of amorphous strip material. Compared with silicon steel iron core, the energy consumption of voltage generator starting without load is obviously reduced. The experimental data show that the energy consumption of amorphous iron core is reduced by 85%, with obvious advantages of energy saving and consumption reduction. Amorphous cores take up less space, freeing up more space for other devices. By further exploring the improvement space of the oil tank in the transformer, the service life of the product is extended and the maintenance cost is saved for the users. It is amorphous iron core brings so many benefits, the market prospect is very broad.


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