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Common current transformer core material issues

2019-04-02 17:28:04

        Common current transformer core material issues.If the secondary load impedance of current transformer core material exceeds its permissible secondary load impedance.Why is accuracy going down?

       The magnitude of secondary load impedance has a great influence on the accuracy of the transformer.This is because, if the current transformer core material of the secondary load impedance increase a lot, is beyond the permissible secondary load impedance, the exciting current value will increase, and make the iron core into saturated state, in this case, a large part of an electric current will be used to provide exciting current, which has greatly increased the error of the transformer, with the decrease of its accuracy.

       Current transformer core material for differential protection requires a good core and a larger core section. Why?

       In the normal operation of system or external short circuit differential protection scope, the both ends of the differential protection current transformer core material of the current value and phase, the same shall be no current flows into the differential relay, but in fact the two current transformer core characteristics of the material can't be exactly the same, is not the same as the excitation current, the secondary current will not equal, will flow through the unbalance current relay.In order to reduce the unbalanced current, it is necessary to improve the structure of current transformer core material so that it does not become saturated, or select special silicon steel pieces with low loss to make iron core, and increase the core section.

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