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Common failure of iron precision current transformer core

2019-04-03 16:39:03

Common faults of the iron of precision current transformer core are often related to manufacturing defects, as follows:

1.The precision current transformer core is very thick of the insulation,some of the insulation package is loose, there are wrinkles between the insulation layer, coupled with poor vacuum treatment, impregnation is not complete and caused by air cavity, thus easy to cause partial discharge fault.

2.The screen size and arrangement do not meet the design requirements,statistics of fault reasons precision current transformer core.

3.Surface discharge may occur on the surface of the insulating material due to its uncleanness or high moisture content.This situation is more common in a terminal lead along the pad block surface discharge.

4.Loose connections or potential suspension of metal parts will result in spark discharge, for example, loosening of primary winding support nut will result in potential suspension of primary winding shielding aluminum foil,this kind of fault can be caused by the contact of the terminal lead or bad welding or even broken wire.

5.Loose splint, bolt and nut of secondary connection, loose grounding nut of final screen and loose fastening nut of tap may increase contact resistance, thus leading to local overheating fault.In addition, improper maintenance management should also be paid attention to.For example, the iron core of a precision current transformer core is affected by water and moisture,although it may be related to the manufacturer's sealing structure and sealing materials, there are also maintenance management problems.Generally speaking, the field vacuum degassing is not sufficient or vacuum drying is not carried out during maintenance, which makes the dissolved gas in the oil easily saturated or the remaining bubbles and moisture in the oil-paper insulation higher.All these will leave a safety hazard to the equipment.

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