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Development and progress of motor core manufacturing technolog

2019-02-13 13:38:43

      Development and progress of motor core manufacturing technology,With the increase of the demand for small and medium-sized motors, the stamping process adopts some new processes and technologies, which improves the degree of mechanization and automation of iron core manufacturing, improves the labor conditions, and improves the quality and labor productivity of stamping.Today and we exchange some about the core manufacturing process.


1.application and promotion of air-gap technology

      In the progressive die to add a punching air gap ring station, the impact of the narrow ring is equivalent to the stator and rotor air gap size, this process since the 1960s, many countries have been used in production.

      The advantages of this process include :(1) do not need the car rotor round, can reduce the stray loss of the motor;(2) good flatness of stator blanking, which is conducive to the use of stator core automatic superimposition equipment;(3) after the air gap ring, the stator slot has a certain arc, which is conducive to the pull-in automatic logoff.


2.High speed automatic punch for serial use

     Two high - speed automatic presses were strung back and forth and made by two sets of progressive die.This series of automatic punch production line can be used to develop 300~800 mm diameter motor blanks.

     The advantages of using this process plan are :(1) it can reduce the impact pressure of each punch, so it is possible to use the standard automatic punch to make a larger punch;(2) the punch pressure configuration is flexible, the combination of stamping process is also more flexible;(3) due to the small slider and mold of the punch, inertia is reduced, which is conducive to improve the punch times;(4) can reduce the size of progressive die, is conducive to the manufacture, installation and maintenance of the mold;(5) because the wear of the stamping die of the fixed rotor is different, it can be treated separately when it is replaced, thus reducing the work load of repairing and grinding.

3.Welding and bonding core technology

     After the stator core of small motor is overpressed, the old process of fastening with buckles is: many working procedures, large amount of labor, manual placement of buckles or manual welding is required;The core punch may move during handling.Using automatic lamination welding equipment, welding is carried out directly in the press, high production efficiency.


4.Application of other manufacturing processes

     (1) chemical etching production "punching" chemical etching method is to carry out chemical corrosion on both sides of the silicon steel sheet, the punching (retained part) coated with anticorrosive agent, the two sides of the coated shape to accurately coincide.

     (2) powder metallurgical iron core.The iron powder is added with phosphorus, copper and molybdenum, and the whole iron core is made through pressing, sintering and other processes to replace the silicon steel sheet.

     (3) pressing iron core.The core is manufactured by means of a v-shaped groove punched out on the punching sheet and then compacted into shape.