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In order to prevent saturation of current transformer core

2019-02-19 15:59:37

          In order to prevent saturation of current transformer core, the following three aspects should be taken into consideration :1. The current transformer with good performance should be selected. Before the current transformer is put into the circuit, its excitation coefficient should be measured several times to ensure that its performance meets relevant standards.2. Adjust the strength of the passing electricity in the circuit to prevent the over-current from leading to the saturation of the device's iron core.3. Establish and improve the circuit relay protection system, which requires the current transformer to have a good ability to resist the saturation of current transformer core.

          When the core reaches saturation, this system can limit the excessive current, protect the stability of its own system and prevent itself from being damaged, thus protecting all components in the circuit and preventing circuit damage.

          When the current transformer core is saturated, the circuit relay protection system is likely to fail. Therefore, we should take timely and correct measures to maintain the circuit relay protection system and prevent the circuit from being damaged.When the relay protection system failure, on the one hand, we have to find the specific cause of failure.After ascertained the reason, suits the remedy to the case, carries on the overhaul according to the concrete reason.

          If the fault is caused by saturation in the current transformer core, it is necessary to cut off the current flow in the circuit and then adjust the input current, usually by reducing the current.On the other hand, because many times the fault of the device is caused by the fault at the entrance of the wire transporting electricity, we should focus on overcoming the hidden trouble at the junction of the wire transporting electricity. Replace part of the line, re-connect the line and the current transformer, and change the access mode to prevent the fault from happening again.