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Inductive replacement method and fault point analysis of inductor

2019-04-01 13:56:30

Inductive replacement method and fault point analysis of inductor

After the inductor is damaged, in principle, it should be replaced with the same type of inductor and the same size and the same size, but if other inductors of the same type are not found, other types of inductors can be replaced.

Amorphous EMI core

1. Between the small fixed inductor and the color code inductor color ring inductor, as long as the inductance, the rated power is similar to the shape factor, it can be directly used instead.When replacing an inductor, first consider its performance parameters (such as inductance, rated current, quality factor, etc.) and the dimensions are in accordance with the requirements. The replacement methods for several commonly used inductors are as follows:

2. The oscillating line diagrams in semiconductor radios, although different in model, can be replaced by each other as long as their inductance, quality factor and frequency range are the same. For example: oscillating line Figure 1F-1-1 can be directly substituted with lTF-3 change.

3. The line oscillating coil in the TV should be selected with the same model and the same specification as possible, otherwise it will affect the working state of the circuit.

4. The deflection yoke is generally used with the picture tube and the line and field scanning circuit, but as long as its specifications and performance parameters are similar, even if the models are different, they can be replaced with each other.


Open circuit is a common fault of the inductor, especially in the inductor coil wound with a thin multi-strand enameled wire. The cause of this fault is, in addition to the desoldering, it is probably due to the mold being weak after the coil is wet. The disconnection is often caused by moisture or mold, and most of the common faults occur at the solder joints at the beginning of the inductor or often broken.

Short-circuit fault: This fault is caused by the insulation between the coils after the induction coil is deteriorated, so leakage or partial short-circuit occurs. When the test is found, the resistance value is smaller than normal. The short-circuit phenomenon is more serious. The smaller the resistance value, the inductance coil Leakage or partial short circuit can cause inductor inductance and quality factors to be unsuitable. If the coil is completely short-circuited (resistance value is 0), it is often because the two terminals of the coil touch each other.

Broken stock failure: Especially in the middle band inductance coil of the radio, because the middle band inductance is mostly made of thin multi-strand enameled wire, there are 7 shares, 9 shares, 14 shares, 28 shares, etc. The more the number, the higher the q value of the coil, and the multi-strand diagram can easily break off several of them. In particular, the wire-bonding and the lead-out soldering are more likely to break the strand. This kind of fault will find the inductance when measuring. The resistance value is increased compared to the original. If the broken strand occurs at the joint, it can be found by careful observation.