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Industrial characteristics of amorphous alloy transformers

2019-04-03 09:23:57

Amorphous alloy transformer products have high requirements for safety and reliability, and are typically technology-intensive. From the production point of view, because a large number of products need to be designed separately for each customer's different requirements and different geographical locations, natural environment and other factors of the project, generally only products below 35kV can be designed and mass produced once. . Therefore, the design capability requirements are particularly high in the production process. In addition, after the production of the product is completed and installed and run, it is necessary to combine the design of each product to analyze and summarize the operation of the product, in order to gradually improve the technical level in the future design.

The transformer industry belongs to the category of infrastructure construction. The demand of its product market is positively related to macroeconomic development. It is closely related to the development of the national power industry. It has a certain periodicity in the long run. From a single year, the transformer industry is not obvious. Periodic and seasonal characteristics.

Market supply and demand analysis

Grid investment drives demand growth

With the growth of the national economy and the continuous advancement of power construction, the demand for power transformers in China has shown a rapid upward trend. In recent years, major power transformer manufacturers have been fully loaded, even overloaded, and sales revenue and profits have increased significantly.

Due to the sustained and rapid development of China's economy, the current contradiction between domestic power supply and demand is still outstanding. To alleviate the above situation, the state has now accelerated the construction of power grids, alleviated the bottlenecks of power grids, and improved the power supply capacity of the power grid as an important task related to national security.

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