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Installation and use of current transformer core

2019-01-31 15:45:01

            Improper installation and use of Current transformer core may lead to the Current transformer burning out, inaccurate metering, and endangering the safety of equipment and operating personnel.Now let's look the installation and use of current transformer core.

           The installation of current transformer core depends on device configuration as follows:

           Install the current transformer core on a metal frame.Where the bus passes through the wall or floor, fix current transformer core directly on the wall or floor with foundation screws, or first make a rectangular frame of Angle iron and embed it in the wall or floor, and then fix the same size iron plate about 4mm thick on the frame with screws or welding, and then fix current transformer core on the iron plate.Current transformer core is generally installed at a certain height above the ground. Due to the heavy weight of current transformer core itself, special attention should be paid to prevent damage of porcelain bottles when hoisting.

          At the time of installation, the centers of the three current transformer core shall be on the same plane, and the spacing of each transformer shall be consistent. Finally, the current transformer core base shall be well grounded.

          The primary windings of the current transformer core are in series with the circuit under test, and the secondary windings are in series with the electric measuring instrument. The polarity symbols cannot be mistaken when wiring.In practical work, due to limited conditions, it is also possible to completely reverse connect the primary and secondary terminal buttons of each phase of the current transformer.



          In a three-phase circuit, the transformer ratio and capacity shall be the same for each phase.One end of the current transformer core secondary test must be grounded, usually by Kz, in case the current transformer core's primary and secondary coils are broken down, the voltage in the first test shall be sent to the secondary test.

          The secondary winding of the ct cannot be opened.Otherwise, high voltage will be generated, endangering the safety of equipment and operating personnel.At the same time, due to the overheat of the current transformer core, the error of the current transformer may be burnt out.



          If the ct is found to have unusual vibration and heating during operation, it should be stopped and examined.