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International standards for inductors and electronic transformers

2019-04-01 14:12:47

International standards for inductors and electronic transformers

The electronic transformer is a small and medium-sized transformer other than the power transformer. It is mainly used in communication and electronic equipment. It plays the role of electromagnetic energy conversion, isolation and impedance matching in the electronic circuit. It is an irreplaceable foundation in the information industry technology. Functional magnetic components. Due to the variety of electronic transformers, many specifications, and many production and use units, with the development of commodity exchange and market economy, and the requirement of accelerating the adoption of international standards after China's accession to the WTO, the standardization of electronic transformers is becoming more and more important. More and more urgent. In order to promote the comprehensive development of electronic transformer standardization work, we briefly analyze the IEC international standards and adoption of electronic transformers, and introduce the current national standards for electronic transformers and inductors, electronic industry standards and national military standards. International standard for electronic transformers and inductors.

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The international standard for electronic transformers is formulated by the Technical Committee of the 51st Technical Committee of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) (TC51) "Magnetic Components and Ferrite Materials", which is specifically responsible for the "Inductive Component Group" of TC51 Working Group 9 (WG9). Organization drafting. The national standardization technical organization corresponding to IEC/TC51 is CSBTS/TC89 “National Magnetic Components and Ferrite Materials Standardization Technical Committee”. The National Magnetic Standards Committee is entrusted by the State Council Standardization Administration and the Ministry of Information Industry to undertake the domestic IEC/TC51 international standards. The technology is in charge of the work, and undertakes the organization and technical review of national standards and industry standards in the professional fields of magnetic components and ferrite materials. Humidity sensor probe, stainless steel electric heating tube PT100 sensor, cast aluminum heater, heating coil fluid solenoid valve

Since the electronic transformer and the inductor are both "inductive components" and are also developed by the IEC/TC51 Working Group 9, the following describes the electronic transformer and inductor standards.

There are 60 standards for IEC/TC51 so far, of which only 15 are electronic transformers and inductors, accounting for 25% of the entire standard.

The whole industry has moderately and moderately organized the production of large-scale electricity meters, optical instruments and other related products to the market, expanding sales and driving the sales rate of products across the industry, but the state expanded domestic demand for complete system control devices, analytical instruments, and tests. The main products such as machine equipment are not very large. Humidity sensor probe, stainless steel electric heating tube PT100 sensor, cast aluminum heater, heating coil fluid solenoid valve

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