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New material amorphous core material, new electric lamp

2019-04-01 15:48:18

The amorphous core material the researchers designed looks like a humble pile of white powder. The core of the structure is a diamond-like structure of tin and sulfur atoms, with organic ligands attached.This amorphous core material can be mixed with polymer to form a transparent film on the carrier such as glass, irradiated by the infrared laser generated by the cheap and low-power continuous wave infrared laser diode, which can efficiently obtain highly oriented visible light beam of warm white, looking very similar to halogen tungsten lamp.Moreover, the resulting visible light can be adjusted by fine-tuning the incident infrared laser.


In addition to its unique visible-light conversion properties, the amorphous core material is non-volatile and stable in the air, even at high temperatures.More interesting is that the amorphous core material is cheap, easy to prepare and easy to mass produce.

Because the infrared laser diode production technology has been quite mature, the cost is very low, this amorphous core material is easy to give birth to a new type of special light source.

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