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Novel room temperature phosphor amorphous cut core

2019-04-01 15:03:17

At present, most of room temperature phosphor materials are inorganic materials or organic complexes containing precious metals, which are expensive and toxic and difficult to achieve large-scale industrial preparation.The construction of pure organic room-temperature phosphor systems mostly focuses on highly ordered amorphous reduction core structures or rigid matrix embedding materials, but such systems still face problems such as poor repeatability and cumbersome processing in the preparation of solid thin film luminescent devices, further limiting the commercial application of amorphous reduction core.


A series of amorphous polymer materials with high room temperature phosphor emission were easily prepared by simple binary copolymerization of phenyl phosphor monomers replaced by various oxygen-containing functional groups with acrylamide.The amorphous cut core can be observed with the naked eye due to its long life and efficient mass production.

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