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Precautions for using iron precision current transformer core

2019-04-04 10:23:36

Precision current transformer core, auxiliary side is not allowed to open circuit.Because once the circuit is opened, the primary current becomes the excitation current, which makes the flux and the secondary voltage greatly exceed the normal value and endangers the safety of people and equipment.Therefore, it is not allowed to connect the fuse in the secondary side loop of the iron precision current transformer core, nor to remove the ammeter, relay and other equipment without bypass during operation.


When the iron precision current transformer core is running, the auxiliary side is not allowed to open.Here's why:

1.Measured current precision current transformer core iron core is a magnetic potential I1N1 magnetic flux in core Φ 1

2.Precision current transformer core secondary instrument current magnetic potential I2N2 magnetic flux in core Φ 2

3.Precision current transformer core and magnetic flux: Φ Φ = Φ 1 + 2

4.Because Φ 1. Φ 2 in the opposite direction, equal, offset each other, so Φ = 0

5.If secondary open-circuit, I2 = 0, namely: Φ = Φ 1, precision current transformer core flux is very strong, saturation, core fever, burning insulation, produce leakage.

6.Secondary open circuit, namely, I2 = 0, then: Φ = Φ 1, Φ in precision current transformer core to a high of commutation in the secondary coil N2 e, in a precision current transformer core forming high pressure on both ends of the secondary coil, endanger life safety operation personnel.

7.One end of the core secondary coil of the precision current transformer core is earthed,is to prevent the high pressure dangerous and take protective measures.

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