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The advantage of amorphous core material in inverter

2019-04-03 11:24:05

With the development of China's magnetic materials research and development level and the progress of manufacturing technology, China's magnetic materials have been developed rapidly,the most outstanding performance should be amorphous core materials;Both technology and manufacturing have reached the international advanced level.At present, amorphous materials in China can be localized and no longer rely on foreign imports, which greatly reduces the cost of amorphous materials.

Advantages of amorphous core materials:Excellent magnetism, high strength and toughness, flexible processing technology, simple preparation process and environmental protection, low loss, wide application frequency range, low production cost.


 Comparison of amorphous core materials with conventional silicon steel:Low loss, high efficiency, low temperature rise.Wide applicable frequency range and high applicable frequency.The application shows that the amorphous core has low loss and low inductance temperature rise, which improves the inverter's efficiency and extends its service life.

Amorphous materials are used as amorphous cores can meet the needs of the development of power electronics technology,in the high-power photovoltaic inverter will be a great success.

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