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The role of Common mode choke core

2019-04-04 10:22:14

Common mode Choke, also known as common mode choke, is commonly used in computer switching power supplies to filter common mode electromagnetic interference signals. In the board design, the Common mode choke core also acts as an EMI (ElectroMagnetic Interference) filter to suppress the electromagnetic radiation generated by high-speed signal lines from radiating outward. The chip on the PC board is both an electromagnetic interference object and a source of electromagnetic interference during operation. In general, we can classify these electromagnetic interferences into two categories: series mode interference (differential mode interference) and common mode interference (grounding interference). Take the two PCB traces on the motherboard (the wires connecting the components of the motherboard) as an example. The so-called serial-mode interference refers to the interference between the two traces; the Common mode choke core interference is the two traces. Interference caused by the potential difference between the PCB and the ground.