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Transformer core partial failure and repair process

2018-12-14 17:32:40

he partial failure and repair process of the transformer core are as follows:
     (1) Insulation aging between the upper iron yoke pieces. When other parts of the iron core are normal, just remove the upper iron yoke lamination to remove the paint film and paint, and the other parts do not need to move.
     (2) The old-fashioned transformer is broken due to the piercing of the through-bolt insulation tube, and the local iron piece is short-circuited, causing a partial short circuit between the cores. When repairing, the upper iron yoke should be removed, the winding of the faulty phase should be lifted, and the through-core bolt of the broken insulating tube should be removed.
If there are not many shorting pieces and the depth is not deep, use a special scraper to remove the burrs of the adhesion, and then apply No. 1032 paint. At this opportunity, all the core bolts on the iron core column should be completely removed, and then the core bolts should be replaced by the weftless belts for fastening. However, it should be noted that the straps of the weft straps should not be too thick to prevent the windings from being affected. Generally, the thickness of the distribution transformer without weft strap is 1~2 mm. If necessary, add several straps to reduce the thickness of the strap. If the short-circuited laminations are severely burnt and deep in depth and have been bonded together, remove the laminations of the iron core, remove the short-circuited parts with a flat spatula, and remove the burrs. After finishing the flattening, remove the residual paint film and repaint. And dry treatment.


     (3) The ground fault causes the iron chip to be short-circuited. During processing, on the surface of the core, use a thin flat blade to remove the laminated laminations, remove the burrs, and paint.
     (4) The iron yoke clips or other metal parts are loose, causing vibration, causing the iron core to be overheated and discolored, and the paint film is burnt. After inspection, when the fault is serious, the faulty piece is removed for repair, and the intact part does not move. When assembling damaged laminations, the trimmed and finished laminations are interlaced and arranged. After repair, do iron loss and temperature rise test.


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