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Trouble processing of choke transformer

2019-04-04 11:22:23

Magnetic saturation fault of choke transformer: When the unbalance value of the traction current of two rails in the electrified section is too large, the magnetic saturation phenomenon of the choke transformer is prone to occur, causing the transformer to not work, resulting in a red band in the track circuit. If it is the sending end turbulent magnetic saturation. The turbulent orbit coil has a voltage of 25 Hz, and the traction coil has no 25 Hz voltage; if it is subjected to turbulence, it is magnetically saturated. Then the turbulent track coil has no 25 Hz voltage. The traction coil has a voltage of 25 Hz. At this time, the 扼 rheological traction coil can be short-circuited and discharged.


When a choke transformer fault occurs, it should be further determined whether the disconnection fault or the hybrid fault occurs. For example, if the choke transformer coil has voltage and no current, it is disconnected. If there is no voltage or current, it is a choke transformer mixed line to determine the turbulence. When the transformer coil is faulty, the method of directly replacing the transformer coil can be adopted to save the replacement time. Sometimes the turbulent transformer traction coil single-coil mixed line does not necessarily produce the red band of the track circuit, but at this time, the voltage between the two ends of the traction coil and the neutral connection point should be measured to further find the processing.

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