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Troubleshoot the iron core grounding fault of power transformer core

2019-04-02 10:44:05

The power transformer core is an important structural part of power transformer.Both transformer flux and energy conversion require the function support of power transformer core,in the actual work of power transformer, the power transformer core will generate strong alternating magnetic field due to high voltage and high current, and then cause high potential difference to the ground, and finally produce the discharge phenomenon between the power transformer core and the oil tank, and the strong discharge phenomenon will lead to the damage of the core, windings and shell of the power transformer.



Can cause transformer fault can be caused by many factors, the core of the power transformer grounding is the most common fault, the fault for the normal work of the transformer has brought great influence, related technical workers need timely find the core of the power transformer grounding all sorts of problems, need to apply a reasonable strategy for processing, in order to ensure the stable operation of the transformer.

1, the power transformer core grounding fault factors

2. Core ground fault diagnosis of power transformer core

3. Treatment strategies for core faults of power transformer core



Power transformer plays an important role in the transformation and transmission of power resources. Once there is a bad problem, especially the grounding fault, it will bring great hidden trouble to the operation of the power system, and even bring inestimable personal and property losses.Power enterprises need to pay close attention to the core grounding fault of power transformer core at all times, master the factors leading to the fault and the diagnosis and elimination methods, effectively enhance the safety and stability of transformer operation, and ensure the smooth operation of power system.

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