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Uses and advantages of roller kiln

2020-04-02 10:20:24

1. Application of roller kiln

It is widely used in lithium cobaltate, lithium manganate, lithium-ion ternary materials, cobalt oxide, pearl powder, ultrapure powder, magnetic materials, petroleum catalysts, glass crystallization, etc. at operating temperatures below 1200 ℃.

2. Advantages of roller kiln

The temperature control adopts PID automatic control. Automatic temperature rise adjustment, PID self-tuning, zero-crossing trigger. The actuator is a bidirectional thyristor, which has the advantages of no mechanical contacts, no noise, long life, and no interference to the power grid. The operation is centralized and the observation is intuitive.

The control panel adopts an intuitive and visible structure. Each zone's temperature control system is equipped with corresponding alarm devices, and each zone has an over-temperature alarm device. Each zone is also equipped with an independent air switch to facilitate operation and maintenance.

The temperature-measuring thermocouple uses a plug-in thermocouple and is equipped with a measuring thermocouple insertion hole. When not in use, refractory fiber plugs should be used to prevent heat from leaking out of the furnace. The control system can guarantee normal work under rated conditions and can be operated continuously 24 hours a day.

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