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What are the advantages of industrial furnaces

2020-03-28 11:23:43

Do you know the features of industrial furnaces

1) The basic theories of heat engineering are the same, all depending on several laws of thermodynamics. Fuel-burning, gas flow and heat transfer in the furnace are basically the same.

2) The basic components are identical. Simply no matter what kind of stove, it generally contains the following parts:

① Thermal energy making device (such as combustion chamber, burning, electric heating component, etc. ).

② Place material parts (such as the furnace, hearth, trolley, and so on).

③ Smoke exhaust system (for fuel stoves, there must be a flue, a chimney, etc. ).

④ auxiliary equipment (such as furnace door, preheater, conveyor chain, etc. ).

3) Low thermal efficiency and high energy consumption. Industrial furnaces are the primary energy-using equipment in commercial production, and the energy consumption once a year accounts for about 1/4 of the national total energy consumption. Especially in metallurgical, electromechanical and other enterprises' thermal processing production, furnace energy consumption accounts for more than 70% of process energy consumption, is the biggest energy user in production.

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