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What are the causes of Current transformer core?

2019-04-01 17:21:59

       What are the causes of Current transformer core?First, the current transformer capacity originally designed for the power system only considers the system capacity at that time, which can ensure the unsaturation of the transformer in case of system failure under the current conditions.However, with the expansion of the scale of the system in recent years, the capacity of the original current transformer has been unable to meet the new system requirements, and the update speed of the transformer equipment cannot keep up, which leads to the saturation of the unsaturated transformer in the new situation.

      Second, when the power system fails, the fault Current is not only large (it may reach dozens of times of the normal rated Current), but also contains a large number of aperiodic components. The existence of aperiodic components makes the iron core be excited in one direction by a large extent, leading to saturation of Current transformer core.

      Thirdly, the traditional Current transformer core cannot eliminate the remanence of the ct when fault is removed due to the manufacturing process limitations. If the remanence polarity is exactly the same as the magnetic field polarity generated by the fault Current, it will lead to the saturation of the iron core of the ct and the distortion of the secondary Current of the ct.

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