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What are the characteristics of current transformers compared with ordinary transformers

2019-04-01 15:59:14

Due to different applications, some primary currents vary with secondary current, and some secondary currents vary with primary current. For example, the primary current of a common step-down transformer changes with secondary current, and the secondary plays a leading role, while the current transformer The primary current is determined by the main circuit load, not determined by the secondary current, and always plays a leading role.

They work in a similar way to transformers. They turn the operating voltage of high-voltage equipment and busbars, high currents, ie the load or short-circuit current of equipment and busbars, into the low voltage and low current of measuring instruments, relay protection and control equipment. . Under rated operation, the secondary voltage of the voltage transformer is l00V/, and the secondary current of the current transformer is 5A or 1A.

The secondary winding of the current transformer is often connected to the load and is close to the short circuit. Please note that it must not be opened, otherwise it will endanger the equipment and personal safety due to high voltage or burn the current transformer.

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