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What are the requirements for common mode inductor cores?

2019-04-03 10:16:28

(1) The wires wound on the core of the coil should be insulated from each other to ensure that the breakdown of the coil does not occur under the action of instantaneous overvoltage;
(2) When the coil flows through a large instantaneous current, the magnetic core should not be saturated;
(3) The magnetic core in the coil should be insulated from the coil, and the common-mode inductor core is to prevent breakdown between the two under the action of instantaneous over-voltage;
(4) The common mode inductor core coil should be wound as much as possible, which can reduce the parasitic capacitance of the coil and enhance the coil's ability to withstand transient overvoltage.

Under normal circumstances, at the same time pay attention to select the required frequency band, the common mode inductor core common mode impedance is better, so you need to look at the device data when selecting the common mode inductor, mainly based on the impedance frequency curve. In addition, pay attention to the influence of differential mode impedance on the signal, mainly pay attention to differential mode impedance, pay special attention to high-speed port.