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What is the role of the transformer core?

2018-11-14 17:04:32

 The iron core of the transformer  is mainly in two aspects: hysteresis loss and eddy current loss:
1. Hysteresis loss, which refers to the case where the transformer will have iron loss due to hysteresis when working in the AC state, and the use of the transformer core can change this phenomenon to a certain extent. It can also alleviate the rise of the surface of the transformer during operation.

core material inductor core
core material inductor core


2. Eddy current loss refers to the alternating current generated by the transformer during operation. It changes with the induced current generated by the magnetic flux in the iron core. This change is called eddy current. The eddy current will cause the temperature of the surface of the core to rise when it is lost, but because of the material of the core (silicon), our resistivity will increase during this process, thereby reducing the effect of eddy current.

transformer core assembly toroidal transformer core
transformer core assembly toroidal transformer core


The windings and cores of the transformer are the main components that transmit and transform electromagnetic energy. Ensuring their *operation is a concern. The statistics show that the fault caused by the core problem is the third in the total transformer accident. The manufacturing department has paid attention to the defects of the transformer core, and has made technical improvements in the core can be grounded, the core grounding monitoring, and ensuring a grounding. The operating department also mentioned the detection and discovery of core failures to a considerable height.


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