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What is the role of voltage transformers and current transformers

2019-04-01 15:53:37

In order to monitor and control the operation of equipment, statistics and analysis of production indicators, measurement of electricity, and ensure the safe and economic operation of power plants and substations and the quality of electrical energy, power plants and substations need to be equipped with measuring instruments and relay protection. Devices and various automatic devices. However, these instruments and devices cannot be directly connected to high-current, high-voltage busbars and electrical equipment. Otherwise, these devices will not only be made very large, but also endanger personal safety. For this purpose, voltage transformers and current mutual inductance are required. Device.

The voltage transformer is a special transformer used to measure the high voltage of the power grid. It can convert the high voltage to a lower voltage and then connect it to the meter for measurement. Voltage transformers, the primary voltage is no matter how many volts, and the secondary voltage is generally specified as 100 volts to supply the voltage required by the voltmeter, power meter and voltage coil of the kilowatt hour meter and relay.

An electrical device that converts a large current into a small current in a predetermined ratio, called a current transformer. The current on the secondary side of the current transformer is typically specified as 5 amps or 1 amp to supply the current coil current of the ammeter, power meter, kilowatt hour meter and relay.

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