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What is the use of choke transformer?

2019-04-01 17:15:58

      What is the use of choke transformer?Choke transformer is installed on the connection between traction reflux and rail and is used to conduct traction current, or it is installed on the upper and lower track circuit to balance traction current so that it does not affect the normal operation of the track circuit.

      1.In the zpw-2000a track circuit section, it is used for equipotential connection (transverse) between lines to balance traction current.

      2.It is used for connecting rail with ground wire, overhead reflux line or protection line to realize traction reflux.

      3.A large traction backflow path is formed with the adjacent traction substation.

      4.Its high frequency shift impedance ensures the normal operation of ZPW - 2000A track circuit.

      Choke transformer's function in rail circuit is to make use of traction current and match the supply transformer and the receiving end.

      Since there is no insulation between the track and the ground, part of the traction current flows through the ground and back to the transformer from the grounding grid buried under the traction substation.Moreover, rail and suction line are not connected directly, but choke transformer is added at the insulation section of track circuit. Both are firmly connected with transformer terminal and neutral point respectively, so that traction current loop and track signal loop form conduction loop respectively and do not interfere with each other.

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